H.E.R. Is Manifesting an EGOT


H.E.R. is manifesting an EGOT. 

This rarefied designation means that a person has won four prestigious awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. And H.E.R. is already halfway there. The musician already has a handful of Grammy Awards on her shelf, most recently for 2021’s “I Can’t Breathe,” and on April 25 took home an Academy Award for best original song for “Fight for You” from Judas and the Black Messiah. The singer shared the Oscar with collaborators Tiara Thomas and Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II.

Asked about plans to get to EGOT status backstage, H.E.R. told the press, “There’s absolutely going to be an EGOT in my future, hopefully,” according to People. The talented 23-year-old also spoke of her onscreen aspirations, adding that she is “super passionate about acting as well, so you may see me up here as an actress also, and then I love musicals. Me and Brandy have been talking a lot and she’s inspired me, since she did a musical.” (Brandy’s beloved performance in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella is currently streaming on Disney Plus, by the way.) Music is the most popular path to an EGOT, as original songs are represented at all four awards shows.

In her acceptance speech, the musician spoke about the power of music, especially in a story as relevant as Judas and the Black Messiah, which covers FBI interference in the Black Panther Party. “Knowledge is power, music is power, and as long as I’m standing, I’m always gonna fight for us. I’m always gonna fight for my people and fight for what’s right, and I think that’s what music does, and that’s what storytelling does,” she said. “I did not expect to win this award. I am so, so, so grateful, not only to win but to be a part of such an important story.”


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