Glamour Editors Around the World on the Beauty Products They Can’t Live Without


A year ago our world completely changed. As our health and wellness became a priority during the pandemic, our routines shifted, and the comforts that were once small luxuries took on an increasingly important role in our lives. 

It’s something Glamour‘s editors-in-chief around the globe know well. Collectively, they’ve seen the ways in which their readers—who span four continents—have navigated the past 12 months, whether that be working from home while also managing childcare or finding an escape in a luxurious face cream or warm shower. With limits on in-person beauty services, social distancing, and mask-wearing requirements, we’ve had to try our hands at being our own hairstylists, manicurists, and facialists. But we’ve also had fun experimenting—buying new skin care tools we saw on TikTok or rediscovering a love of hairstyling—which is what annual Glamour Beauty Awards are all about.

So on that note, we asked Glamour editors-in-chief across the world to share what beauty looks like in their neck of the woods now, and what their personal winners are. Here’s what’s brought each of them comfort and joy over the past year. 

Samantha Barry, editor-in-chief of Glamour US

What are the biggest beauty trends in your country right now? 

There’s a renewed focus on purpose over profits. Shoppers are now asking what beauty brands stand for, how inclusive their teams and product ranges are, and their stances concerning climate change, social justice, politics, and more. We’ve recently seen big beauty retailers like Sephora sign on for the 15 Percent Pledge spearheaded by Aurora James to devote more shelf space to Black-owned businesses

How did the pandemic change your beauty routine? 

Pre-pandemic, I spent more time, effort, and money on makeup than skin care. That all changed in 2020. There’s no need for a signature red lip under a mask. Instead, I’ve become a skin care connoisseur with extensive night and morning routines and weekend facials with my favorite facial freeze tools. Yet, I still haven’t managed to get my manicures right, despite panic buying a gel nail lamp in the early days of the pandemic.

What products are your personal award-winners? 

I use Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil at the end of my nighttime skin-care routine to seal all the goodness in and extra hydration. And since scalp care is as essential as skin care in my books, I use Act and Acre Scalp Detox. Your scalp ages seven times faster than your face. This Reader’s Choice winner not only nourishes your scalp but is a great way to promote hair growth.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

Nontando Mposo, editor-in-chief of Glamour South Africa 

What are the biggest beauty trends in your country right now? 


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