Get a Super-Shiny, Long-Lasting Manicure With the Best Gel Nail Polish


Whoever invented gel nail polish should have won a Nobel. A tad hyperbolic, sure, but without the best gel nail polish on our hands, we’d still have to carefully plot out every move we make between leaving the nail salon and getting home. (Who among us hasn’t accidentally smudged their fresh nail art after fastening their seatbelt?) Gel polish allows the ease of being able to quickly grab your keys out of your bag post-mani—or put your shoes on immediately following a pedicure.

Fortunately, these days you don’t have to head to a nail salon or spring for acrylics to experience a manicure with high shine and no chips. Many polish brands offer quality gel formulas in a variety of shades so your DIY nails look just as good as if they were done by a professional. It’s also a faster process than dip powder manicure kits, since gels are applied like regular nail polish—not to mention gentler than acrylic nails.

Even better? Unlike salon gels (love you, mean it) many gel nail polish brands don’t require that you have a curing UV light or LED nail lamp on hand to get the job done. All you need is your natural nails, some patience, and a steady hand—and some other tools that you can often find in a manicure starter kit, like a buffer, dedicated base and topcoat, and alcohol wipes. (And don’t forget about your nail care essentials, like nail polish remover, cuticle oil, and nail strengthener.)

Once you’ve done your nails, you can relax awhile before needing another mani, as gel usually lasts about two or three weeks longer than regular nail polish. Ready to treat yourself to a gorgeous gel manicure? Ahead, 12 best gel nail polish colors to try right now.

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