Florence Pugh’s Hair Had Pink Tips at the ‘Black Widow’ Premiere


This is not a spoiler: Florence Pugh is fantastic in Black Widow, and it looks like she’s bringing her A-game to the red carpet the way she brought it onscreen. The rising star just attended the movie’s London premiere, rocking pink tips in her hair and a coordinated magenta eye look. It’s giving us Rihanna-at-the-Met-Gala-blush vibes with a hint of Sour-style riot-grrrl punkiness. 

Mike Marsland, Getty Images

For the event Pugh kept her hair loosely tossed over one shoulder, though we suspect there’s a bit of gel in there, and let the colors make the bold statement for her. Her top and skirt (is it technically a dress? Does it attach at the back? Florence, reveal your secrets!) are simple black satin with a jeweled cord tying everything together, with more diamonds around her neck and on her finger. It’s similar to the twisty jewels she favored at the Oscars in 2020, though I have to say: I prefer this look. It’s just so badass. 

Mike Marsland, Getty Images

Everyone’s been playing with their hair lately. Gigi Hadid is going ginger for the summer. There are so many subtle new cuts popping up all over Instagram. And while this look on Pugh isn’t as dramatic as, say, Lizzo going blonde with bleached eyebrows, it’s still so fun. 

On joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Florence Pugh said, “With any franchise it’s always slightly daunting because of what you’re going to bring and what are you going to play. I think for any actor that is automatically going to be a big deal, whether you personally watch them or you don’t.”

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