Feathered Ends Is 2021’s Fresh Take on Layers


If you’re anything like me on your daily Zoom call, you’ll spend more time gawping in horror at your current (in my case, abysmal) hairstyle than you do listening to your boss. With lockdown putting an end to our regular hair appointments, many of us have been left with severe roots, mismatched hair hues, and more split ends than we have overripe bananas.

I am that person. The one who didn’t book a hair appointment in time for London’s lockdown ending and now I’m seriously envious of anyone who did.

However, according to one A-list hairdresser, I am probably spearheading a trend that grew in lockdown and will continue to dominate this summer. “Feathered ends” (the fancy name for grown-out layers) was, according to hairdressers, the hairstyle of quarantine—and as people head back to salons, they’re asking their stylists to maintain the look.

Reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston circa 2006, the look comprises grown-out layers that move fluidly and require little styling; Selena Gomez and Emma Louise Connolly have also been embracing the feathered style.

As Kevin Paul Finnell, director of F&M Hairdressing, explains: “Grown-out layers is something that many clients had been living with in lockdown due to salons closing their doors. However, it’s important to remember that this was once a trend made famous by the incredible Jennifer Anniston.” We’re already sold.

Adam Jones at Live True London is a staunch fan of the style because, he says, it suits a wide range of female hairstyles: “On long bobs it will add softness and texture to an otherwise blunt-looking haircut, and on long hair it will add shape, texture, and give the overall look a disheveled beach vibe.

“This style is great as you can use the hair’s natural texture,” he continues. “Grown-out, wispy ends can be embraced in this look and really enhance the style. However, to ensure the overall look doesn’t look too messy, you need to up your at-home hair routine with high-quality products so your ‘wispy’ ends aren’t breaking and growing into nothing.”


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