Fans Think Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Are Engaged After Hearing His New Song

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, who just welcomed their first child together in September 2020, clearly don’t need a ring to solidify their bond—but some fans do see a wedding in their near future. 

Thanks to a lyric in Malik’s new song, “When Love’s Around,” which was released on January 14, many Zigi stans are convinced the pair is secretly engaged or about to be. “But I need you in my life. Yeah, you could be my wife for real,” he sings. “Only takes a woman to show you what it means to love.”

Though that’s hardly an engagement announcement, a couple of Twitter users are taking it there. One asked, “I mean…IS HE PROPOSING THAT WAY?” 

Another chimed in, “I just listened to when love’s around and is zayn gonna propose to gigi????!!”

Earlier this month the model sparked engagement rumors after wearing a ring on what appeared to be her left ring finger. Rumors have spiraled from there. 

Even those who don’t think Malik’s lyrics hint at an engagement are sure the song is directed to Hadid. I mean, who else could it be about?

These days, you can’t just throw lyrics like, “You could be my wife for real” around. Ask Taylor Swift for proof. Following her own possible engagement ring sighting, fans went wild when she seemingly replaced some lyrics in her re-recording of “Love Story.”

When part of her new version of the song was released in a Ryan Reynolds commercial for back in December, Swifties were quick to point out that it sounded like Swift sang, “It’s a love story; baby just said yes” instead of, “It’s a love story; baby just say yes.” Not only that, but some believe they heard wedding bells added to the background of the song. 

None of this is to say these rumors and conspiracy theories are anything more than that, but one thing is abundantly clear. Pop stars are going to continue to release music inspired by their lives and emotions—and their fans are gonna speculate from there. 

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