Fans Can’t Get Over What Happens to [Spoiler] in the ‘WandaVision’ Finale


Warning: This article contains spoilers for all nine episodes of WandaVision, as well as some Marvel movies.

Reminder: Episode nine of WandaVision has a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene. If you finished the episode but forgot to stick around for those, go back and watch, because we are discussing everything.

That WandaVision finale delivered doubles of everything. Two twins, two Visions, two witches. And we predict there will be double the usual amount of feelings, takes, theories, and memes. For what is a finale if not fandom persevering?

Yes, episode nine, “Series Finale,” was nothing short of explosive. And whether you’re resenting Ms. Maximoff like a Westview resident or pining for more time with her like (sob!) Billy and Tommy, there’s no doubt it’s what the internet will be talking about all weekend…possibly until The Falcon And The Winter Soldier drops. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

First of all, a pleasantly surprising lack of twists! No giant reveals, no new characters, no insane cliffhangers to be wrapped up in the next Doctor Strange (or somewhere else in the Multiverse). It was, first and foremost, finally a resolution of the Wanda/Vision relationship, not overshadowed by Mephisto, Magneto, Ultron, or any of the other Big Bads fans theorized might pop up.

In fact, Quicksilver turned out to be…Ralph Bohner? As in, Agatha’s “husband Ralph” is some actor who happened to live in Westview, and this is not a tie-in to the X-Men universe? It’s like a double fake-out. The twist is that there is no twist. He was just some guy. Did not see that coming.

Also, okay, the family, the feelings. We kind of always knew Vision would have to die (for the third time, good lord) at the end of this, but the twins? Our hearts! 

Also, can we get an update on what happened to Original Vision after he flew through the library skylight because, um, we just never saw him again?

The one thing everyone can agree on, though, is that Wanda is The Scarlet Witch. Outfit, hair, powers. Yes, we love it; give us more, mama.

Halloween 2021, here we come! Also, MCU Phase 4 here we come, but Halloween is more important.


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