Every TV Show That’s Been Canceled in 2021

The Unicorn: The dating woes of a widowed father might not have found a massive fanbase, but for those who turned in, it was a great mix of fun and feeling. Canceled after two seasons. 


Bless the Harts: This animated comedy was perhaps a little too crass for viewers used to the poignancy of Bojack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie. Canceled after two seasons. 

Last Man Standing: Guess this won’t be the last show standing? Perhaps not surprising considering that the Tim Allen series, which centered the story of a man in a family of all women, failed to find footing with critics. Canceled after nine seasons. 

Prodigal Son: And like the prodigal son, this procedural drama, about the son of a serial killer, returned…and then didn’t. Canceled after two seasons. 

Filthy Rich: If you’re sad to see this one go, we suggest checking out The Righteous Gemstones instead. Canceled after one season. 

NeXt: The premiere for this drama about a cybersecurity team was shuffled around due to the pandemic, likely a factor in its cancellation.  Canceled after one season. 

The CW

Black Lightning: They say lightning never strikes the same place twice—but in this case, it never strikes the same place five times. Many will be sad to see the superhero drama go—it even holds a coveted 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Canceled after four seasons. 

Bulletproof: Safe from bullets? Yes. Safe from cancellation? No. The cop drama was pulled from the CW’s streaming service after misconduct allegations against actor Noel Clarke. Canceled after three seasons. 

Trickster: The supernatural coming-of-age drama might be gone, but The CW still has plenty more available for your entertainment.  Canceled after one season. 

The CW/Steve Dietl

Burden of Truth: Sadly, the case has closed for this legal drama starring Kristin Kreuk. Canceled after four seasons. 

Pandora: Pandora’s box indeed. This sci-fi action series will not be returning for a third season. Canceled after two seasons. 

Supergirl: Well, there’s always the spin-off, Superman & Lois.  Canceled after six seasons. 


Siren: Honestly, it’s a little shocking that a drama about merpeople hasn’t taken off. Canceled after three seasons. 


American Princess: They should have waited until our actual American princess was born. Canceled after one season. 


Vagrant Queen: See you at Comic-Con. Canceled after one season. 

We will update this post as more announcements are made about canceled TV shows in 2021.

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