Entireworld Launched the Perfect Cotton Legging to Do Nothing In

The Entireworld Leggies are basic in a good way. The fabric is stretchy but not compressive like workout leggings, the material isn’t too sheer, and the black is a “true” black. They’re perfect for lounging or weekend strolls, and I could definitely see myself dressing them up for errands. I’d wear them with leather ballet flats and an oversize trench coat for a The Row-inspired lewk. My main issue is I wish they came in different lengths. I’m 5”1 and they were definitely too long for me—not into the scrunching at the bottom. If they dropped a 7/8 version I’d add one in each color to cart, easily.

As far as the tee, I like the mid-weight fabric, and it has a boxy fit that runs large, so think about sizing down if you don’t want to be swimming in your T-shirt. It works well though if you want to tie a knot at the waist—or roll up the short sleeves to give it a more edgy vibe. As for the socks… where were these all winter?! They’re ankle-length and totally perfect for wearing at home or styles with sandals, because they’re not too thick. The cotton also feels super high quality. Love love love!

Organic Cotton Mid-Calf Socks

Fits a baby bump!


Something about these leggings is so nostalgic. They’d be the pair your sister would steal from you, or the kind you’d pull out on a weeknight to wear while eating fruit snacks for dinner and watching Boy Meets World. They’re made for reaching the bottom of chip bags, not the top of mountains—so I wouldn’t wear them if I were planning to work up a sweat. They feel like kids clothing for adults, in the best way: They’re comfortable, mid-weight, and come in super fun colors that set them apart from the millions of leggings you could choose from. I accidentally got an extra small (sans baby bump, my usual is a small) but these actually fit just fine, so they’ve definitely got some give.

The waistband has a narrower girth when compared to most other “modern” leggings, which have a wide, flat-lay band that doesn’t fold into your skin as you bend back and forth. Of course these aren’t performance leggings, so they don’t need that kind of waistband with stretch and support, but would be nice. Also, these gathered at the ankles for me, big time. It isn’t a surprise, since I’m 5’2”, but given the lighter color, the bunching was just more noticeable. 

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