Emmy Rossum, 35, to Play the Mother of Tom Holland, 25, in a New Series


Have yourself a LOL at Hollywood’s latest confusing casting decision: Emmy Rossum as Tom Holland’s mom.

I’ll save you a google: Holland is 25, and Rossum is 35. Not as bad as Angelina Jolie playing Colin Farrell’s mother in 2004’s Alexander (Jolie is literally one year older than Farrell)—but still, goofy.

This pairing is for the first season of an upcoming Apple anthology series called The Crowded Room. The Hollywood Reporter explains their characters thusly: “Holland…is starring as a man named Danny Sullivan; Rossum will play Sullivan’s mother, who is always looking for a man to fulfill her dreams of salvation.” Amanda Seyfried plays a clinical psychologist.

Let’s be generous. Maybe there’s a time jump! Maybe part of the series takes place when Rossum’s character is in her 30s, and they cast her with those scenes in mind. Maybe other scenes take place when Holland’s character is in his 20s, and he took the role with those scenes in mind, and when they share the screen one of them will wear makeup or use CGI or just act really hard to sell us on the idea that they are more than 10 years apart (à la Sally Field and Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump). At least one Twitter user seems to agree with this theory:

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The book that the series is partially based on, The Minds of Billy Milligan, is a nonfiction account of a man acquitted of a crime by claiming to have multiple personalities. We’ll have to wait and see how that unfolds.

In the meantime, great to know this Hollywood trend is alive and well. Speaking of Tom Holland, remember in Spider-Man when his (admittedly, hot version of) Aunt May was Marisa Tomei, while his superhero mentor was Robert Downey, Jr.? Tomei is one year older than RDJ. Something to think about!


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