‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Just Started Production


J’ai de bonnes nouvelles pour toi! In other words: I have some good news for you, Emily in Paris fans. After getting a renewal order back in November, the much talked-about rom-com series starring Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, and Ashley Park is now filming its second season!

In an exclusive statement to Glamour, creator Darren Star said, “I am thrilled to be returning to Paris for a second season to continue Emily’s adventures in the magical ‘City of Light.’”

The series premiered on October 2, 2020, and immediately became a viral hit. Whether you loved it, hated it, or hated it so much you loved it, the series about a 20-something American who moves to Paris to become an influencer handle social media at a luxury marketing firm certainly struck a nerve. But for all the think pieces about whether the series was too over-the-top or whether Emily deserved her job, one thing was certain: An escapist series set in Paris couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

In a press statement released in May 2021, Netflix revealed that Emily in Paris had been viewed by an astonishing 58 million households during its first 28 days, making it the platform’s most popular comedy series of 2020. Guess there really is no such thing as bad press. Emily herself could not have designed a better marketing campaign than a glitzy show everyone just had to have a take on.

The 10-episode series supplied us with stunning views of Paris, introduced a new TV boyfriend, Lucas Bravo, to the internet, and made everyone obsessed with Ashley Park—not to mention French icons Phillippine Leroy Beauleiu (“Sylvie”), Samuel Arnold (“Julien”), Bruno Gouery (“Luc”), Camille Razat (“Camille”), and more.

Netflix announced the renewal via a tongue-in-cheek letter from Emily’s French boss, Sylvie Grateau, to her American boss, Madeline Wheeler (played by Kate Walsh).  Read it for yourself, below: 



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