Demi Lovato Opened Up About Filming Their First Sex Scene

Demi Lovato is feeling “proud” after filming their first-ever sex scene for the upcoming sitcom Hungry, and took to Instagram to celebrate the moment.

“Had to film a sex scene today. My first one! I had a little anxiety going into it, but the cast and crew were so professional and easy to work with, it calmed me down immediately,” Lovato wrote underneath a picture of themself lounging in underwear. Lovato, who recently came out as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, has been open about their struggles with body image and disordered eating. Since Hungry is a comedy about a group for people with food issues, this entire experience is clearly personal to Lovato, and maybe even healing. They continued, “Then, I thought about how proud I am for being able to feel comfortable enough in my skin to do that. I rarely ever showed my arms before.. now I’m in this!! (Granted, it barely shows anything BUT STILL).” Hell, yes!

Demi Lovato explained that sharing these moments with their followers is another way to celebrate their success, writing, “I don’t always feel good in my skin, so when I do, AND I feel sexy enough to post – I do just that! It’s important to celebrate the little wins. Yay for this random burst of body confidence and yay for awkward hilarious sex 😂🖤”

Less than a week ago, Lovato posted a barefaced bathtub selfie, writing, “I feel the sexiest in the bathtub w no makeup, no extensions, no lashes.. naked. Just me in my purest form. I don’t always feel comfortable in my skin/body so I’m beyond grateful that in these moments, when I’m most vulnerable I can feel beautiful & accept myself as is. 💞🙏🏼”

BRB, having a nude photo shoot to capture one-tenth of this vibe.

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