Covid-19 2020: How The Pandemic is Shaping The Holidays


What’s on?

But the big question is still on everyone’s mind – will people spend the festive period with family and friends this year?

Between March and November 2020, we found 3m mentions from people online considering if they will spend time with friends and family over the holiday period.

Festive activities, like holiday markets and movie screenings, are still on, but we’re going outdoors (1m mentions) or taking them online (175k mentions).

And, thankfully, it looks like children who want to visit santa won’t have to miss out this year. We found 158k mentions of virtual as well as in-person but socially-distanced visits.

While this year is dramatically different to last year’s holiday season, people won’t let the virus get them down – and neither, it seems, will Santa.

Instead, people are hoping to prepare early, put their feet up, and enjoy whatever comforts Covid-19 restrictions will allow.

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