Cardi B Just Shut Down the People Saying She Looks ‘Weird’ Without Makeup


Cardi B isn’t letting online bullying bring her down. The “WAP” singer posted a video to Instagram on February 10 in response to critics telling her she looks “weird” without makeup. Aside from that being rude, it’s also not a good idea to bash Cardi B—ever. The singer is not afraid to stick up for herself (rightfully so) and call out anyone who tries to bring her down.

“Y’all take pictures or video of me with no makeup while I’m in motion and be like, ‘Oh, look at Cardi, she looks weird without no makeup.’ This [is] me with no makeup, no filter,” she says in the Instagram video. “You know, you can see the little blemishes on my face, you can see my lips so chapped, I’ve been biting them all night. I woke up 20 minutes ago, didn’t even brush my hair.” 

She continues, “I just wanted to let y’all know that I feel comfortable in my skin, that I’m great, that I’m happy, my record is doing great, and just because you got so much hatred in your heart that when I do great y’all wanna put it down. You can’t, I’ma stay on top with this face, with this natural face. Makeup or not, a bitch is doing good.”

This isn’t the first time Cardi has showed fans what she looks like without makeup. In January she took to Twitter to ask people for skin-care tips. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper admitted she was struggling with dry skin and acne. “This is my cheek…It’s been happening for like 3 months now …Shit really is uncomfortable,” she tweeted.

Fans, celebrities, and estheticians were quick to provide Cardi B with recommendations of skin-care products and advice for getting clear skin. Because you know what? Having breakouts isn’t something to be ashamed of—but mean-tweeting and commenting is. 


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