Cardi B Just Showed Off Her Home—and It’s an Actual Winter Wonderland


Cardi B is celebrating Christmas with exactly the kind of over-the-top decorations we’d hope to see from her. The “WAP” rapper turned her home into a winter wonderland full of trees, lights, and presents, before showing it all off on Instagram on Christmas Eve.

“I really can’t believe this is my home. I be proud of us. Everytime I’m here……excuse the wrapping mess,” she wrote in the caption. In the video, Cardi shows off the grand living room, decorated with multiple lit-up trees, the columns decked in floral garlands.

As her daughter Kulture plays on a scooter, Cardi narrates the scene, saying, “So I haven’t seen my home decoration because you know I’ve been in LA and I just got here from New York. I can’t believe this is my home…this is just beautiful. This is beautiful. Oh my gosh…wow.”

Marveling at the view, Cardi reflects on her good fortune, saying, “I cannot believe this is my house. Like, f-cking a dream. A dream, bro. Imagine being from New York and going to Macy’s and shit and your house looks like f-cking Macy’s. This is amazing, I’m gonna cry you guys. F-cking dreams come true.” The Macy’s comparison is apt: we could imagine these trees in any department store window.

Her monologue was briefly interrupted when she and her daughter exchanged “I love yous.” Adorable.

The trees are decorated with flowers, giving the room a decidedly feminine vibe. There are also silver and gold ornaments, reflecting the light so the whole room seems to glow.

The day before (so, Christmas Eve Eve), Cardi B’s on-again-off-again partner Offset posted his own video of the family’s many trees. “Yes sir! Oh man. How you like Christmas trees, going crazy? Christmas trees going crazy. Five piece,” he remarked, panning over the display. Fluffy fake snow on the floor created padding for shiny orbs and, of course, presents.

“How y’all like my Christmas Tree,” Offset captioned the video. Honestly, we like ’em a lot!


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