Cardi B Asked Fans for Skin-Care Tips After Posting a Breakout Pic—And They Delivered

Cardi B is keeping it real, as usual. The “WAP” rapper might be rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to skin breakouts. “I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry,” she tweeted on Monday, January 25. “I don’t think these products are working. I think it’s the water out here …..What are some good products for little black heads break outs and dry skin on your face?”

Cardi B then tweeted a close-up photo of her cheek, writing, “This is my cheek…It’s been happening for like 3 months now …Shit really is uncomfortable.” Who hasn’t been here before?

The posts received thousands of retweets and likes, and her followers were quick to dole out some skin-care advice. One fan suggested she try the surprisingly affordable line, The Ordinary. We’ve even tested the products (spoiler alert: They really work). “Imma buy today,” Cardi B replied. 

Eventually fellow singer Kehlani told Cardi B to contact a specific esthetician to solve her skin-care woes. “Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face …Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks …..I’m off this for a while …LOVE YA,” Cardi B tweeted. (Here’s hoping she actually gives us an update. I need to know how this story ends!)

Who knows? Maybe the next time Cardi B needs skin-care advice, she can try something from her own line. She told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 she wants to do a beauty line and that something could be coming soon. That was two years ago, though, and nothing’s happened yet. But we’re still holding out, because a Cardi B skin-care line would be everything. Until then, I guess the moral of this story is to ask your followers for help the next time you’re having a breakout.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I read the internet, so I know properly moisturized skin depends on more than just a nice lotion. For true, deep moisture, you’re supposed to use a serum or acid that can penetrate deeper than your standard emollient. Enter hyaluronic acid, which I’ve wanted to use for months but have never purchased because the one time I went into a store (which shall remain nameless) to shop for one, a woman there recommended a brand that retailed for $185. No! So I jumped at the chance to test this, which costs less than $10. I’ve used it for about three weeks and don’t know that I’ve detected a major difference in the texture of my skin, but I have benefited from the serious glow it imparts. It leaves my face dewy but not oily. I like the finish so much I’ve skipped makeup for most of the month. And if that doesn’t sell you, maybe this will: Out of all the options out there, Glamour readers voted this the best hyaluronic acid serum in our Beauty Awards. —Mattie Kahn, culture director

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