Brown Boots, Brow Gel, and Shimmery Lip Gloss: What Addison Rae Is Buying Now

With over 40 million followers on Instagram and a staggering 86 million (and counting) people viewing her TikToks, calling Addison Rae an influencer feels like an understatement. Every move the 21-year-old makes, whether she’s wearing a “crazy-cute” corset top or swiftly detailing the financials of a social media star, sparks a flurry of headlines…and purchases. 

The power of her name has created a multimillion-dollar business consisting of energy drinks, skin-care products, and lucrative Netflix deals. And her latest venture includes a collaboration with Ipsy on Glam Bag X, a selection of eight full-size products, curated by Addison, worth up to $500 but sold for $55. “I was really excited to have my own take on the Glam Bag X,” Rae tells me, adding that the products she chose for the collaboration were inspired by a “’90s model off-duty look.” 

But with the opportunity to talk to someone as, well, influential as Rae, we had to ask what else is inspiring her at the moment. Read on for our latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves with Addison Rae.

The ’90s trend I’m loving

A bushy brow! I love how everyone has their brows super pushed up, and I feel like that’s become something that is ingrained into everyone’s makeup routine now. That’s been something I’ve always stuck to and loved. I use my Item Beauty Brow Chow; it’s great for filling in my brows. I use that very sparsely, though, because I have pretty thick brows. And then I think a brow gel is essential. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel. That one’s in my Glam Bag X.

Item Beauty by Addison Rae Brow Chow Eyebrow Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

I love Liv Tyler, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford as ’90s references. I think they all have really incredible looks. Fiona Apple also has incredible ’90s looks. Her eye looks were always really cool and graphic.

The last thing I bought

I feel like I’ve been ordering so much stuff lately, but the last thing I think I ordered was some sunglasses. They’re Stüssy sunglasses. I saw them on an Instagram ad. I’m so bad at just ignoring those. I see them and I’m like, “OK, whatever.” 

My favorite way to spend a day off

Going on a walk. I love doing that. I also just got a keyboard in my apartment, so I’m trying to teach myself things. I just learned “Stay.” That was great. 

I’ve seen so much stuff about my unreleased song “I Got It Bad.” I think it’s so funny right now. I don’t know [when I’ll release it]. We’ll have to see, I guess. It just depends. 

The best thing in my closet

My style changes very frequently because I’m still kind of figuring out what I love. It’s just a combination of things. I love a ’90s…what is the word I’m looking for? Not grungy, but kind of that dark and sexy goth, Angelina Jolie, vibe. I think that’s really cool. But I also do love tropical, eccentric pieces. I’m still really figuring out my style. I get so in my head sometimes about, Oh, are people going to say that this doesn’t look good on me or whatever…. But I’m learning to not care and to wear things that I like. We’re getting there with my style. 

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