‘Bridgerton’ Reached 82 Million Households in 28 Days and Is Now Netflix’s Biggest Show


You already know Bridgerton is a big deal, but did you know it’s Netflix’s biggest show ever?

That’s right. The Shonda Rhimes–produced romance series reached 82 million households in 28 days, making it Netflix’s most popular title in history. Per a press release from the streaming platform, that’s about the population of Germany or Turkey. 

The show hit number one on Netflix in 83 countries and reached the top 10 in all of them except Japan. And get this: The show’s success catapulted the original Julia Quinn romance novels back on to some New York Times best-seller lists—18 years after they were first published. 

In short, the show has surpassed phenomenon status. It’s achieved…well, I don’t think there’s a word to describe it. 

“During my Netflix interviews I remember being asked, ‘If you could make any show, what kind would it be and why?’ I dared say the truth: that in a pop culture world dominated by sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve always loved beautiful, lush romances,” Jinny Howe, the V.P. of original series at Netflix, said in a statement. “Being direct paid off, though little did I imagine that the first project I would help bring to life at Netflix would be Bridgerton.” 


“Romance books have always sold incredibly well,” Howe added. “But these stories have rarely made it onto the screen. Daphne and Simon’s ‘Will they [or] won’t they?’ love affair, combined with the opulent costumes and settings, created a world into which members of all backgrounds and ages could escape. Bridgerton has shown that romance can be smart, dynamic, bold and, yes, universally appealing.”

That’s certainly an understatement. And there’s more to come. Netflix recently announced production on Bridgerton season two will begin in the spring of 2021. It will focus on Anthony Bridgerton’s love story, so get ready. 


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