Brett and Jason Oppenheim From ‘Selling Sunset’ Say They’re ‘Romantically Perfect’

Brett: No other girl got a rose for a week in Mexico! Anybody who had an anniversary that week was screwed.

Jason: I was definitely told that I set the bar too high for other people. My friends weren’t happy.

How do you top that going forward?

Jason: I don’t think I will. I also had a couple of really nice Tom Ford purses on the bed, and I flew out there and took her to dinner. People didn’t know we were dating at the time so she posted it on Instagram and made it super ambiguous, as if it was just a birthday thing and she didn’t specify.

What’s the sexiest thing about yourself?

Brett: I would say humor and wit.

Jason: Thoughtfulness and honesty.

What’s the weirdest thing you do in your alone time?

Brett: Look at baseball card auctions. Both of us like football, soccer, and baseball cards. I have a Pelé rookie card.

Jason: My favorite is a pristine Walter Payton rookie card.

Do you think being baseball card collectors is one of the sexiest things about you?

Jason: It’s probably the least sexy thing. I try to show Chrishell, and she’ll just tease me like, “Look how nice those corners are!”

Brett: Neither of our girls think it’s sexy at all.

Tell me about the most interesting person to slide into your DMs.

Brett: After the show launches we get hundreds of ridiculous DMs, none of which are appropriate for any media. Ours aren’t as ridiculous as the ones the girls get. They get crazy ones from prison and all over the place.

Jason: We get everything from people asking us to buy them a car to nudity to clients. The cute ones are when husbands want me to send videos to their wives for their birthdays, which I always do.

Jason, Simu Liu famously slid into Chrishell’s DMs, which led to him appearing on the show this season. Many fans are “shipping” the two of them. What do you have to say to the Simu-shell shippers?

Jason: Oh, that does not surprise me. Chrishell gets a lot of men reaching out to her on Instagram. You know how you have a lot of folders on Instagram, and then there’s, like, a general folder? We actually sit together every couple months and we’ll go through our “general” and compare them and just laugh because we have people hitting on us.

I would imagine Chrishell’s DMs are a bit wilder than yours.

Jason: Mine are people who want to join the office. Hers are people who want to…date her.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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