Blake Lively’s Manicure for the ‘Free Guy’ Movie Premiere Had the Prettiest Hidden Detail

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have finally made their red carpet return. The internet’s favorite couple stepped out on August 3 for the New York City premiere of Reynolds’s new film Free Guy and were decked out in their best glam for the occasion. 

While Lively’s sequin-encrusted, cut-out Prabal Gurung gown stole the show, we’re totally obsessed with a much subtler detail from her look: her manicure. 

You may have missed this in the photos, but upon closer look, she’s rocking a manicure fit for a fairy queen. Her nails are painted a gorgeous smokey lavender ombré, and they’re embellished with real dried flowers. 

The manicure was the work of Lively’s longtime nail artist, Elle. “Blake and I always collaborate on her looks—we have a close relationship and have been working together for so many years,” she says. “We planned this look about a week ago after having multiple FaceTimes and sending each other mood boards back and forth. Blake had sent me pictures of the dress, which was a sequined Prabal Gurung, and she wanted a look that was sweet but edgy. We usually draw inspiration from the movie promos and try to match the theme, but this time we decided that didn’t work. We went off the dress instead, opting for pressed flowers paired with a more rock and roll style. I love that it was innocent with a wild edge, breaking away from what she usually does.”

Not only is Lively’s mani gorgeous, it’s actually pretty simple to recreate at home. Elle used a gel builder to both create longer tips and to seal in the flowers, but you can just use your natural nails and a great top coat for a similar effect. 

After prepping Blake Lively’s nails, Elle started by painting a layer of LeChat polish in Smoke Show, which is a pretty slate grey. Then, she applied another layer of polish only from the center to the tips of the nails, to create that ombré effect. Once dried, she added a layer of sheer baby pink on top of everything to warm up the grey and blend any harsh lines. 

This is where things get fun. “Lastly I took tiny pressed flowers—you can find these at a craft store—soaking them first in alcohol to soften them up and then placing them on the nail,” says Elle. “This is delicate work and took a little longer than usual as adding the flowers needed perfecting.” Since they are three-dimensional, she encased them in the gel, but they should hold up for a day or two with a good top coat. She finished the look by adding a gold foil where she wanted a little shine.  Easy! 

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_. 

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