Beyoncé Shared the Cutest Photos of Blue Ivy Wearing a Crown and Holding Her First Grammy


Blue Ivy isn’t even 10 years old, and she’s already a Grammy winner. Are you surprised? I mean, her parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z

On March 17, Queen Bey shared some photos and videos of her own record-breaking 28 Grammy wins and included a few shots of Blue. If you don’t know, the 9-year-old won her first Grammy this year for Best Music Video (she’s credited on “Brown Skin Girl”). In the pics, Blue is holding her Grammy and wearing a crown—and in another one, she’s drinking out of the Grammy. Icon behavior! Check them out here

Blue is now the second-youngest person to win a Grammy in history. Talk about bragging rights! She wasn’t at the Grammy Awards with her parents on March 14, but Beyoncé did give her a shout-out in her acceptance speech. “Thank you, guys, so much. Oh my God. I am so honored. I am so excited. Thank you, guys. As an artist, I believe it’s my job, and all of our jobs, to reflect the times. It has been such a difficult time, so I wanted to uplift, encourage, and celebrate all of the beautiful Black queens and kings that continue to inspire me and inspire the whole world,” she said. “This is so overwhelming. I’ve been working for my whole life, since nine years old, and I can’t believe this happened. This is such a magical night. Thank you so much.”

She continued, “I know my daughter is watching. Two daughters and my son, y’all are all watching. Congratulations, Blue. She won a Grammy tonight. I’m so proud of you, and I’m so honored to be your mommy, all of your mommies. Y’all are my babies. And I’m so proud of y’all. I love you so much, my rock. Enjoy your night. Thank you.”

No, thank you, Beyoncé.


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