Bella Hadid Wore a Sheer White Naked Dress—And It’s the Epitome of Sexy Style

Mid-August is a sweaty time, which is why God invented the naked dress. Just ask Bella Hadid.

In pictures she posted on Sunday, August 15, Hadid poses in some warm location—she was recently in Ibiza, so we are going to go ahead and guess Ibiza—in a sheer, gauzy white dress. Hot summer nights, here we come.

Wearing little or no makeup, Hadid accentuated the summery look with gold jewelry: twisty earrings and a heart pendant necklace with gems. The whole look is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s “naked dress” from Sex and the City, IMHO.

She captioned the carousel of photos, “🕊🌠Do U know how much I love you?” and interspersed angelic images in the slideshow. Her Instagram avatar right now is an angel in a sunburst; it seems to be her current aesthetic! Her father, Mohamed Hadid, commented, “Yes I do. You love me sooo much @bellahadid.” Aww.

Just as striking as her dress are her shoes: those bonkers foam Yeezys that reminded everyone of dinosaurs. Did she pick them up on Yeezy Day earlier this summer, or were they just lying in her closet since the last drop?

We’re adding Bella Hadid’s pics to our summer style mood board alongside Rihanna’s “more is more” layered look and Lady Gaga’s high-end pastel ensemble. Sorry, bank account, but the dresses are calling, and we must go.

The same day Hadid continued sharing glimpses of her trip, like playing backgammon and eating pizza in the sun, floating in the pool, enjoying different breads, and…watching Misery? No shade at all—good movie—but not the vibe we were expecting, TBH.

She later posted in a blue-on-blue outfit, rocking jeans with a sky blue top with cutouts and tons of accessories. Less slinky but so much easier to copy.

In the age of Instagram, models can’t get a week off!

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