Bella Hadid Rocked Side Bangs Straight Out of 2009 on Her Birthday

Bella Hadid kicked off 25 in style, rocking an all-black ensemble on the streets of New York, her hair in voluminous waves with…do our eyes deceive us, or are those side bangs?

Yes, the model celebrated her 25th birthday by bringing back one of the biggest trends of the past few decades: the almost universally-flattering layered bang. All the cool kids know the more your hair covers just one eye, the better. She photos of Hadid’s side bangs here.

Now, Hadid’s ‘do may be courtesy of a wig–her mane certainly looks thinner in this recent Instagram post than in the photos from her night out–but regardless, the trend is notable. Hadid’s entire birthday outfit consisted of vintage ’90s pieces, and her kohl-rimmed eyes suggest a certain ’80s punkiness. All of which is to say: Bella Hadid is channeling the past in a major way.

Harper’s Bazaar reports Hadid’s birthday look is vintage Gucci, specifically the spring/summer 1998 collection designed by Tom Ford. Sis Gigi wore a St. John bustier top and pant set. Their brother Anwar and friends joined them for a night aboard a party bus, per The Daily Mail. A party bus! It’s giving prom night. More retro references.

We can’t pinpoint when, exactly, the side bang went “out,” but it was around the time of the shift to middle parts and away from skinny jeans. As Hadid is a millennial/Gen-Z cusper, she’s free to borrow freely from both generations’ aesthetics…but for final word on the matter, we’ll need to speak to Olivia Rodrigo. Should be easy, right? Not like she’s crazy busy?

You’ll notice in the birthday pics that Bella Hadid pulled a Rihanna and took a wine glass from somewhere with her down the block. Maybe side bangs are like wine itself: getting better with age.

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