Bella Hadid Looks So Cool With This Blonde Bob


Is Bella Hadid having a blonde moment? Not so fast. The model is rocking  blonde hair in her latest photo shoot, but it looks like a wig to us. Still, the color is striking on her, and we wonder if she’s gearing up to debut highlights or mess around with her hue sometime soon, a la sister Gigi, who has been in shades of auburn for a few months. Let’s do a full in-tress-tigation here.

In Hadid’s new campaign for Miss Sixty Jeans, the model’s hair is bright yellow, though secured with a hair scarf, basically a giveaway that this is not her actual hair. The wig, assuming that’s what it is, is shiny and mostly straight, with blunt, slightly uneven bangs at the front. Her outfit, a striped top and jeans, is giving us major Y2K vibes, but feels both more and less glamorous because of the setting. On the one hand, Hadid’s on a red carpet. On the other, she’s sitting on the floor. Hadid wrote in the caption, “at mine,” so we’re assuming this is…somewhere in her house? Okay, fancy.

Less than a week ago, Hadid was posting pictures of herself at Cannes, her hair its signature dark brown, in that stunning tree…contraption. Hard to believe that her hair could have gone from iced espresso to honey in such a short time. There’s just not enough time for that much processing in a busy gal’s schedule!

But wait a minute, scrolling even farther back on the Grid d’ Bella Hadid, there is circumstantial evidence that even if she didn’t take the plunge and bleach her hair, she’s committed to finding ways of going blonde. In early May, she posted a photo shoot with unmistakably highlighter yellow streaks in her hair, perhaps thanks to some kind of paint-on color.

The next day, she posted a video of herself wearing a Carrie Bradshaw-esque curly blonde wig (we think), captioned, “test.” A test for this Miss Sixty shoot, perhaps?

The mystery deepens as her hair lightens…


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