Bella Hadid Had the Most Hilarious Response to Falling on the Runway


Bella Hadid experienced something a model never wants to happen: falling on a runway. The supermodel recently reminisced on a memorable New York Fashion Week when she stumbled while walking the Michael Kors runway. The incident happened in 2016, but Hadid is just now taking a moment to thank the photographer who tried to help her while others snapped away.

“Can someone find me this man. god bless his soul, I want to thank him personally for being the only one to offer a hand in a time of need,” Hadid posted to her Instagram Story, alongside footage of the fall. Hadid also put a crown emoji on this guy’s head in another pic. 

We have to commend Bella Hadid for her ability to laugh off what happened, especially so early in her career. At the time, People reported she was wearing a fully embellished knee-length dress and high platform heels. When she was walking toward the photographers, her heels caused her to fall.

Bella Hadid; Michael Kors, 2016

Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

“Michael Kors today❤️ Thank you so much for having me in the show @michaelkors @johndavidpfeiffer ❤️💋💐 (seconds before 😅🙈),” she captioned a video of her walking the runway before tripping.

In a since-deleted tweet, she explained what caused her to stumble. “Guys I’m a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell u,” she wrote. Ah, yes. Everything makes sense now. When talking to Teen Vogue in 2018 after walking in a Brandon Maxwell show, she gave advice to aspiring models.

“100% it would be just to be yourself and to not try to be anybody else,” she said. “And it sounds so cliché, but you see girls backstage sometimes that finally, now, after three years of being in the business, can be themselves and show who they really are, and it’s the best part about them.”


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