Avani Gregg Gets Her Glowy Skin From This $12 Illuminator


If you’ve ever participated in the great side-part-versus-middle-part debate, then you know how deep TikTok’s influence over beauty trends goes. The platform has revived 100-year-old products previously deemed lame, made soap brows a thing, and inspired us to try smudgy black eyeliner again. It’s also introduced us to a new generation of influencers and cool girls—and leading this pack is Avani Gregg, an 18-year-old digital creator and entrepreneur from Indiana known to many as Clown Girl.

Gregg first found internet fame after she posted a video of herself in full-on clown makeup (hence the nickname). These days her posts are more varied—one can’t be Clown Girl forever—and her popularity has grown accordingly. Now she boasts more than 32 million followers, which has led her to magazine covers, an upcoming book about her life, and a new makeup collection with Morphe.

The line, available now, starts at $12 and features the kind of playful products you might expect to see Gregg using in one of her videos. “Makeup is my way of doing art,” she tells me over the phone. “I’ve always loved to draw. Once I do my makeup, it’s a confidence boost. It’s like my positive, happy moment when I get to showcase my art on my face all day.”

Fittingly, a standout item from the collection is her For the Bebs palette, which features all the colors Gregg likes using best. “I didn’t really go into [making this collection] blindly,” she says. “I had all of my notes ready. The thing that surprised me was how prepared I was for it, because I’ve never done anything like it before.”

For the Bebs Artistry Palette

Lil Beb Mini Lip Gloss Kit

Given Avani Gregg’s love of all things beauty, we had to ask her to partake in our latest edition of Your Fave’s Faves, Glamour‘s column that asks your number-ones what they’re loving at the moment. Read on to find out! 

My shopping style

I am a shopper. I like to shop for makeup that I just want to try out, but clothes is it. Every time I see something that I like, I just have to get it. It’s just how it is now, I guess. I don’t usually take inspiration off of other people. If I really like a piece that catches my eye with the color or style, I’ll pick that one piece and create a whole outfit off of it. If I have to buy something for it, I will go and buy it so I can wear that outfit. 

My style is all over the place, I would say. I kind of mix street wear and high fashion together. I do wear lazy sets all the time, but I make sure that the sweats are really cool or the sweatshirt has details or pops. I’m not really a dressy-dressy person, but when it comes to that kind of vibe, then I mix it up so it’s comfy but looks really cool. I don’t have a label for my style, because I switch it up all the time.

The purse that changed my life

I bought this purse off Amazon that can fit a million items in it, but still looks tiny. When I hang out with friends and stuff, they don’t carry around, like, ibuprofen and water and little snacks. But like, I have a mom bag. It comes in handy all the time. Everyone’s always asking me, “Oh, can I have a piece of gum?” or, “Do you have a water?” I’ll just pull out, like, three water bottles and a huge pack of gum. 

Scarleton Satchel Handbag

The last thing I bought

I’m really into low-waist jeans that are baggy and have a lot of pockets, but fit my hips. I was looking on Depop because that’s not really in trend right now. I have some sellers I like that have clothes from the Y2K era, and they’re the exact style that I want. I bought, like, four pairs off this girl, and I would never have seen those pants in a store. I’m so glad I was able to buy them because they’re my favorite pants right now.

My favorite cozy set

Skoot Apparel has these very, very thick pants that are so soft. They have designs on them, so you can make a really cool ’fit with it but still be insanely comfy. 

My go-to makeup products

I like any palette that has cake liners, which is a very pigmented, dense eye shadow. Dip your brush in water, and it makes a perfect line that you can blend. It can come in any color you want, and I find it to be the best if I want to do a very basic makeup look but add a pop of color. It’s so easy. I like using it more than regular eyeliner.  


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