Ashley Graham Drops Her Skin-Care Routine


Ashley Graham tends to give the impression that she has just emerged from a body of water. She maintains a subtle glow at all times, dewy but not saturated. She has captured the thing so many of us reach for and miss: a state of perpetual mermaidhood. 

Deep into her second pregnancy, the model and Revlon ambassador says her pursuit of glow through skin care hasn’t waned, but her patience has. “I’ve had a new evolution as I’ve become a mom,” she says. “My skin-care routine has pared back in a lot of ways because I don’t have the time or the patience that I used to have before Isaac came around.” 

“I’m all about products that work,” she continues. For her it’s all about protection. Even mermaids need to be sun-safe. “I’m a sunscreen guru. I think that if you’re talking about skin care you have to talk about sunscreen.” 

Graham has perfected a routine that is noninvasive and relaxing, made up of simple, super-high-quality steps. And trips to see her favorite skin-care experts. “I’m really big on hydration facials,” she says. “I go see Mzia Shiman in uptown New York City. She beats you up and then gives you lots of love, so you look like nothing happened.

“I do lots of acupuncture on my face as well, because I haven’t gone the Botox-filler route,” Graham adds. “I do lots of acupuncture for tightening and firming, but also to keep my neck relaxed, because I think people forget about their necks when it comes to skin care.” Graham deals with rosacea, and she works on it with acupuncturist Sandra Landon. “You know how you get suction cups on your back or your legs?” Graham explains. “She does that on the rosacea, pulls this disgusting crap out of it. A couple days later, I’m clear as day. I swear by her.” 

Want to steal Graham’s ever-dewey, sunshine-through-the-mists look? Read on for her full skin-care routine—part of our Drop the Routine series.

My cleanser

I love this—it’s like a jelly cleanser. I feel like I only need to clean my face once with it, and it’s really nonabrasive.

My rosacea treatment 

I’ve been experimenting with different rosacea creams. I’ve always had very clear skin, and with Isaac I didn’t have any issues. It was just afterwards that I lost my whole hairline. But this pregnancy is a little different! I’ve been getting some rosacea on my cheeks. It’s not something I’m freaked out about, but it’s obviously something I want to get on top of. 

Dermatology M Jiu Zha Shui Gao Balancing Cream

My toner 

After cleanser I will sometimes do a toner, depending—my forehead gets a little bumpy sometimes. I do the balancing hypotonic from Christina Holey—I put a sprayer on top. I feel like it’s really good for when you have rosacea. My skin typically is a little bit drier through this pregnancy, a little bit more dehydrated. 

Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Balancing Hypotonic

My treatments

Since I’m pregnant right now, I’m not using any retinol and very little vitamin A and vitamin D. But I am using Isdin Melatonik right now for dark spots. Through pregnancy it’s been really great—you don’t have to think about, “Is it safe? Is it not?” 

Isdin Melatonik Recovery Night Serum

My belly treatment

I am lathering myself morning and night with the jelly Aquafor. It’s so hydrating. I also am obsessed with spray hydration, and Flamingo has this amazing one. When Isaac needs me right then, and I still need to moisturize, I’ll just do a spray everywhere and rub it in, and then I’m back into mom mode. Moisturizing my body is definitely something I have to do.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Flamingo Light Hydrating Spray

My moisturizer

My tried and true is the Weleda Skin Food. At night I’ll go a little bit heavier with the Weleda, and then during the day I try to go a little bit lighter. The Melatonik keeps me so hydrated for the daytime, especially in the summer, that I don’t really need to overly hydrate. I’ll just sweat it off anyway; I’m such a sweater!

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

My face mist 

After I moisturize, before I start my makeup and then after I do my makeup, I always do a rose mist. Revlon’s rose glow mist is my favorite. When it first came out, before it was even on the market, I was using it and talking about it and I shouldn’t have been! Revlon was like, “It’s not out yet!” And I said, “But it’s just so good. Can we get it out on the market please?” It really is fabulous. It’s so great because I travel so much, so I just pop this in my bag on the plane. Under these masks we get so dry.

Revlon PhotoReady Rose Glow Mist

My devices 

I have the Dr. Dennis Gross red-light therapy; I swear by red-light therapy for the rosacea. It’s like the red combats the red—I have no idea how. I have it lying next to my bed and just do it some nights when I’m lying there watching TV. I also just started gua sha–ing my face; Sandra took me through a big tutorial. It really does chisel your face! It’s great for your lymphatic system and helps with puffiness in the morning.


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