Ariana Grande’s 25 Most Iconic Outfits


Choosing the best Ariana Grande outfits isn’t an easy task thanks to the fact that the newly engaged singer has given us gowns with volume for days, taken boots to new heights and confirmed that yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your oversized hoodie as a dress for a stroll outside. In other words, versatility becomes her.

From collaborating on one of the hottest singles of the year to releasing her highly anticipated studio album “Positions”, Grande kept it booked and busy this 2020. And now she has a whole wedding to prepare as the world watches. To celebrate a year of Grande galore, we’ve rounded up the best Ariana Grande outfits ever. There’s the Met Gala dress that looked as if it was sent from above, plenty of sexy two-pieces and, yes, that yellow hoodie.


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