Ariana Grande Just Confirmed That R.E.M. Beauty Is Coming Soon


Obviously, we have intensely high beauty-product standards—ones that apply even to our favorite celebrities’ brands, personal biases be damned. They might not all be our do-or-die favorites, but something tells us Ariana Grande’s is going to be very special. That’s right; Grande has confirmed via Instagram that her cosmetics brand, R.E.M. Beauty, is, indeed, a thing…and it’s hitting virtual shelves quite soon. 

We don’t have many surefire details other than that, but we can make a few speculations based on what we’ve seen across the internet. For one, we know the brand has an official Instagram account with the handle, which has been posting snapshots of mysterious billboard advertisements located in New York City and Tokyo. That account leads us to, which we can only assume is where we’ll be able to purchase Grande’s beauty products come launch day. You can sign up for email updates there to know exactly when that’ll be. 

Grande’s legal paperwork gives us insight to the products themselves too. The trademark filing for R.E.M. Beauty covers a wide range of makeup products including but not limited to concealer, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, brow pencils and gels, highlighter, and eyeliner. Whew! Considering Grande’s signature black cat eye, we’re willing to bet (or at least hoping) that a liquid eyeliner pen will be one of the first products on that roster. 

If we know anything, it’s that whatever products Grande supplies her fans will be blockbuster hits, if her previous fragrance launches are anything to go by. We’ll keep this post updated with every fact we can glean of this launch—in the meantime, keep a very close eye on that Instagram account. 

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