Apparently, the Apple Logo on the Back of Your iPhone Is a Button

For such an intuitive machine, the iPhone certainly does have a lot of secrets. You know, you’d think—you’d really think—that after programming the iPhone full of special features and interesting capabilities, Apple would also…tell its users about them? But no, instead, it’s up to the good nerds of TikTok to teach the rest of us plebeians how to operate our little glass and chrome doodads. And we’ve just learned about a button hiding in plain sight: the logo on the back of the phone. Yep, it’s a button.

This ‘tok, from Brit Brown, was posted back in October of 2020 and shows users how to program their “Apple” to perform functions like taking a screenshot, opening a particular app, or locking your screen. It makes sense that the spot would be touch-sensitive – Apple products are increasingly glassy and touch-based – but seriously, how did we not notice this before? We’re on our phones quite literally all the live long day.

Remember, it’s a double tap, so if your tech-averse parent is having trouble making this hack work, that might be why.

Brown seems to be demonstrating her tutorial on the iPhone 11, and we don’t know for sure whether this capability is included on older models of the device, but honestly, you’re probably already testing this on your current phone, aren’t you? Unless you have an Android, in which case, no judgment, but why did you open this article?

Back when Apple launched the iPhone 7, we revealed nine hidden features in the device, so hopefully, everyone can learn something new today. And if you have the latest iOS, why not personalize your home screen?

Unfortunately, none of the hacks on here or on TikTok address the glaringly obvious issue with adding a function to the Apple logo: most people keep their phones in a case. Now, if the company could make a product that didn’t shatter into a million pieces when dropped, that would truly be a feature we could use.

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