And Just Like That, Samantha Jones Made Another Subtle Appearance in the ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

And Just Like That may be gearing up for reconciliation between Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall)…at least if they get a second season. Warning, minor spoilers for the And Just Like That finale, ahead. 

Though Samantha has yet to physically appear in the Sex and the City reboot—Cattrall was not interested in reprising her role for reasons you can read about here—the fan favorite’s absence was explained by a falling out between herself and Carrie. Basically, Samantha ended their twenty-year friendship and moved to London when Carrie decided she didn’t need a publicist anymore? (Make it make sense.)

Anyway, at first it’s established that Samantha is not answering texts from Carrie, Charlotte (Kristin Davis), or Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) until And Just Like That episode 5. In the episode, Carrie records her podcast while under the influence of pain medication and drops Samantha’s name. Feeling the need to warn her old friend, they share the following text exchange:

Carrie: “Hi. Long story short I wanted to let you know, I mentioned that you pulled out my diaphragm on a podcast.”

Samantha: “One of my finest hours.” 

Carrie: “Hope that’s okay.”

Samantha: “Of course. I love that your vagina is getting air time.”

Carrie: “I miss you.” 

Though Carrie was left on read, this was not their final interaction of the series. In the season finale, which dropped on HBO Max on February 3, they share an even deeper moment over text. After sharing a kiss with a man for the first time since losing Big (Chris Noth), Carrie seeks out her friend once again. Here’s the exchange:

Carrie: “I kissed a man.”

Samantha: “The first of many. How was it?”

Carrie: “It wasn’t Big.” 

Samantha: “So, it was small.”

Carrie: “Want to talk?”

Samantha: “Soon.” 

Later in the episode, while Carrie is in Paris, she reaches out to Samantha again.

Carrie: “I’m in Paris, want to meet for a cocktail?”

Samantha: “How’s tomorrow night?”


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