Ana de Armas Seemingly Addressed Rumors She and Ben Affleck Are Getting Back Together


Are Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas—a.k.a. BenAna—back together? For a brief second, fans seemed to think the star on the rise and the Batman actor were back on after calling their pandemic romance quits. It started, as all 2021 rumors do, on Instagram Stories, where de Armas posted a picture of herself wearing a necklace with a broken-heart pendant. You know, like the type you’d split with your best friend at Claire’s, although hers is probably real gold and doesn’t say “BE/FRI” on it.

De Armas didn’t caption the selfie, but she did add a sticker of a heart. Viewers were quick to note that the Knives Out star had worn this necklace while out with Affleck in Los Angeles during their relationship. In fact, he has the other half of the heart. So was this post a subliminal message that they were back together? Did she miss him? What did it all mean?

Well, not so fast. The very next thing she posted to Instagram Stories was a collage of stickers that said “nope” and “no” and “I don’t think so,” among other phrases. She also added a hand throwing up the peace sign. 

Is it possible this has nothing to do with the reconciliation rumors? Sure. But de Armas is a savvy young woman. We’d venture to guess she got wind of what people were saying and wanted to get ahead of the story before Necklace-gate turned into A Whole Thing.

Instagram/Ana de Armas

She also posted to her grid a clip from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in which Marilyn Monroe sings the word no many times over. She captioned the clip, “What she said! 💋,” which seems to speak for itself. De Armas plays Monroe in an upcoming film, so this post is doubly clever. 

A source told People that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s split was amicable. Sometimes a pendant is just a pendant, people. 


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