Allison Holker Says This Amazon Cutting Board Is a Meal-Prep Game Changer

So, in between dance parties at home and nap time for her youngest, Holker filled us in on her favorite things at home, from candles and cutting boards to sweatsuits and jeans. Time for another round of Your Fave’s Faves.

The last thing I purchased

Jordans, because we’re all sneaker obsessed. But my husband just bought me the cutest little house slippers from The Brooklyn Circus, and they’re adorable and comfortable. They’re so quiet when you’re walking around the house.

The Brooklyn Circus Slippers

My favorite item in my closet

My sweatsuits and tracksuits. I’ve always loved them, so I love that now I’m fashion-forward because it’s become a trend during this last year. The one I’m wearing now has Tom & Jerry on the sweatshirt, and it’s from JoyRich. Most of my tracksuits are Ivy Park, Cross Colours, and Fashion Nova. I also like a matching set.

JoyRich Tom & Jerry Velvet Crewneck—Red

JoyRich Tom & Jerry Velvet Pants—Red

The jeans I live in

There’s a specific pair that I have from Fashion Nova. They are high-waist and super formfitting to my body, and it feels like I’m wearing leggings when I wear them. They never stretch out and are so comfortable.

The comfiest sports bra I own

Anything seamless, but I have a few from DSG, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Because I’m always working out, I like it because I can wear it as the bra after. I wear it all the time for both working out and not.

DSG Women’s Seamless Cami Sports Bra

My favorite oversized sweater

[It’s from] a local company in L.A. called Spirit Jersey. It’s a crew-neck, and of course I got the matching pants. I got them in tan and black because the fabric is so soft.

The home accessories I’m obsessed with

Pottery Barn decorative pillows. My husband doesn’t understand decorative pillows. But I always change them out with the seasons, because it really changes a room. Also, I got a cutting board that you have to get. It has a cubby underneath it to put your Tupperware in and you slide it in. It’s the best way to meal prep, and it’s been life-changing.

ChopZing Premium Bamboo Cutting Board With Stackable Containers and Lids

My favorite candle in my home

Magnolia Home Candles, specifically their Hearth & Hand with moss and ivy from Target. It’s part of the Magnolia collection from Joanna Gaines. I’m obsessed with her and anything she recommends.

Moss & Ivy Ceramic Candle—Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

My go-to snack for TV watching

Twizzlers and popcorn and chocolate-covered goji berries. The classics. I use Pop Secret popcorn. The butterier, the better. We even add the terrible cheese toppings. It’s not healthy at all, but we go all in. And the chocolate-covered goji berries I eat all day long. I get them at Whole Foods. They’re the absolute best.

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn, Butter

Dark Chocolate Goji Berries

The app I’m obsessed with

TikTok! Easy answer. It’s the best thing ever, I watch everything on it. You can learn so many different skill sets because people are giving you 15-second life hacks. 

The songs that get me moving 

“Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince. And anything Beyoncé.

The skin-care products I swear by

My Murad cleanser. The Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant. It’s like you just got a facial and it’s not too aggressive on your face, so you can use it daily. Your face shines after. It’s amazing. And then the GlamGlow SuperMud mask. I put that on and feel like my pores just disappear.

Murad Clarifying Cream Cleanser

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Glamglow Supermud Charcoal Treatment Mask

My favorite hair products

First, shout-out to my colorist, Hair by Chrissy. She’s the best and makes my color look amazing. Then, my Bio Ionic curling iron. It’s a game changer, especially for how long my hair is. It’s so much easier than any other curling iron. My Amika dry shampoo. And anything Nexxus. I use their dry texture for in-between days. 

Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron 1″

Nexxus Between Washes Finishing Spray

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram @jessicaradloff14.

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