9 Stationary Bikes Worth Your Precious Floor Real Estate


You either love or hate spin classes—and if you’re someone who can’t quit tapping back, you’ve probably considered buying one of the best stationary bikes at some point this past year. All the pros of owning your own indoor bike are there: You can keep up with a fitness routine, unleash your competitive side, and get your sweat on while binge-watching the latest shows Netflix has to offer. There are virtually no excuses for *not* working out once you get your personal spin set up at home. 

Of course, if you’ve looked into said purchase, you probably realized just how expensive indoor (and outdoor!) bikes can be. And while we’d all love to outfit our homes with top-of-the-line options, not everyone has a casual two grand lying around to spend on at-home exercise equipment—let alone the space to accommodate such a bulky item. That’s why took it upon ourselves to comb the internet in search of affordable models that offer heart-pounding workouts, sans sticker shock. 

No matter your workout needs or budget, we have options for you—from high-end designs with giant flywheels and built-in LCD monitors to a foldable bike you can tuck away in your spare closet. Ahead, nine of the best stationary bikes to shop now.  

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