9 of the Best New Books to Read in February


Do you ever get a book and fully lose your mind over how beautiful it is and how lucky you are to have it? 

The best new books in February are like that—treat boxes of writing, like Valentine’s Day offerings with lush words and sparkling storylines instead of chocolates and diamonds. Maybe it’s that time of year, but we found ourselves stroking their covers, peeling back each page with increasing delight, staring at them during work hours, taking show-off-y little book stack photo shoots to become Instagram official. 

It’s one of the coldest months of the year, when we wish for the warm renewal of spring and wait out another dreary month of pandemic. These books are a source of the most abiding and intimate romance—between the words on a page and the infinity of your own imagination. These books brought us pleasure, seduced us with story, stung with honesty, and made loneliness feel like fiction. 

Welcome to the best new books in February—we hope you fall in love. 

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