7 Healthy Holiday Cooking Substitutes to Try in Your Favorite Recipes

One silver lining of an otherwise dumpster fire year is that we’ve all gotten a little better acquainted with our kitchens, a quarantine cooking obsession that’s carrying us right on through to 2021. This year especially, when we may not be able to gather around a table with our loved ones, the food we share over the holidays feels even more important. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging—the last thing you should be worried about in the midst of a global health crisis is getting “quarantine fat”—but if you feel like all the wine and homemade bread of 2020 has you craving slightly healthier fare, we have you covered. We asked Amie Valpone, a New York-based culinary nutritionist and personal chef, for her favorite, still tasty, ingredient swaps for making common holiday recipes healthier.

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