7 Essential Movies and Shows With Transgender Storylines–And Where to Stream Them


For decades, transgender movies, TV shows, and titles with transgender storylines featured cisgender actors at the center. And typically, these characters were the butt of cruel, crude jokes and disgusting dehumanization.

But that’s changed in recent years. Several movies and TV shows from the 2010s offer nuanced depictions of transgender characters—with transgender actors in the roles. In 2021, dozens of Hollywood A-listers signed a letter in support of trans women, illustrating that the industry is trying to be on the right side of history. 

There’s still so much work to do to ensure all trans people can live honestly without fear—but watching authentic stories about the trans experience will help create a more empathetic world. Below, check out some of the most compelling transgender movies, TV shows, and titles with trans storylines in recent memory. These seven got it right. 


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