55 Great Winter Movies to Warm Up With This Year

One of my favorite genres is winter movies. Yes, that’s a real category—just like horror, comedy, and drama—and not much is required to get in it. Basically, winter movies are anything that make you feel cozy: snow movies, holiday movies…you get the picture. If there’s a snowman, a sweater, or mistletoe, yup, you’re watching a winter movie. 

These movies, of course, are best consumed during the winter months when we’re more likely to crave content that comforts us. The best ones are definitely of the rom-com variety, like The Holiday and Last Christmas, because they combine seasonal coziness with the universal warmth of love. Yes, I’ve thought a lot about what makes a good winter movie. This is how I spend my time. 

Want proof? Check out my picks for the 51 most essential winter movies. They run the gamut in terms of genre and subject, but they have one common bond: cold weather. Ironically, they’ll warm you right up. 

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