5 Glamour Editors Try the Insta-Famous Always Pan

I use a frying pan almost daily, whether to make fried rice or omelets, or to sauté veggies. The problem is that every other version I own is so shallow that either oil, food, or a fun combo of both inevitably end up on my stove. Not so with the Always Pan, which is the perfect depth for searing, sautéing, and frying without the mess. I love that it feels solid yet still lightweight, and in the Blue Salt shade, it’s pretty enough to display. And the built-in spoon rest was a revelation. —Deanna Pai, acting commerce editor

Even in a neutral shade like black, the Our Place pan sits on my stove with pride. It’s not just a looker, though: The nonstick coating works like a sleek dream for cooking and cleaning, and the high sides make it perfect for shallow-frying without splatters. —Emma Wartzman, commerce producer

I’ve steamed vegetables in a stainless-steel steamer insert resting on a saucepan since getting both as wedding gifts. The setup works well enough when I’m cooking for two, but to steam broccoli for a dinner party, it’s hard to cook everything evenly as I’m shuffling spears (and letting steam escape) to prevent the broccoli on the bottom from overcooking while the pieces on the top are rock-hard. Enter the Always Pan, with its wide, shallow steamer basket, which let me cook enough broccoli for my family of four in a single layer with room to spare, no shuffling (or steam burns) required. Plus, the Always Pan and steamer basket weigh less than my stainless-steel setup, so it’s less cumbersome to move on and off the stove—which, when I’m using the Always Pan, I can do without a pot holder, thanks to the stay-cool handle. —Kim Fusaro, director of brand marketing

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