45 Gifts for Coworkers That Aren’t a Holiday E-card

Whether you haven’t seen your coworkers in months or you’ve stood by their side as an essential worker throughout the pandemic, holiday gifts for coworkers are especially meaningful this year. You might have fallen off in your friends’’ group chat, and maybe you’re due for a Zoom call with Mom—but chances are you have daily communication with colleagues as you’re putting in work together. 

From the teammate who consistently comes through with clever gifs on Slack to the boss turned friend who always sees your full potential, your coworkers have been there through the ups and downs, so don’t forget to add them to your list this holiday season. Whether you know your colleague well or you only know about their affinity for blasting show tunes in the office (which you actually kind of miss at this point), shop the gifts for coworkers below. They’re a surefire upgrade from your annual ElfYourself e-card.

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