43 Christmas Outfits That Won’t Make You Look Like an Extra in a Holiday Movie

Christmas outfits can be treacherous territory. It’s a thin line between holiday cheer and looking like the kooky aunt in one of those Christmas movies about a career-driven woman who falls for a tree farmer upstate. Start searching for holiday dresses online, and you’ll soon find yourself being flooded with random ads for nonsense like “Matching Christmas Outfit Family.” 

But Christmas outfits for women don’t have to look like sexy Santa cosplay or involve buying the same ugly sweater for everyone in your family. (Unless that’s your thing, of course. You do you!) In fact, a lot of things already in your closet can be turned into easy Xmas outfits. Think of it this way: You don’t have to buy new eyeshadow for every one of your holiday makeup looks

There is a way to dress for the season that’s equal parts festive and chic, no matter your plans. Just see one of the 43 Christmas outfit ideas below as proof. Whether you’re going to a company holiday party, staying in with loved ones, and everything in between, you’ll find something that inspires you. 

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