37 Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch While You Eat Your Pumpkin Pie

As far as holiday-themed movies go, the attention is always on Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The best Thanksgiving movies for families are far less considered. And that’s a shame considering all the drama—or joy!—that comes with putting your entire family in a room filled with turkey and potatoes. 

There are so many options for movies to watch on Thanksgiving too. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, for example, tells the relatable story of a man forced to navigate the November holiday’s nightmarish travel just to be with his loved ones. And have you seen Pieces of April or Krisha? Both are about women reuniting with their estranged relatives for the big meal. She’s Gotta Have It includes a scene in which a woman invites the three men she’s sleeping with to dinner. Such high stakes! In Brokeback Mountain, Jake Gyllenhaal’s character screams across the table at an overbearing father-in-law. While Addams Family Values unveils the uncomfortable truth behind the holiday. Like I said, drama abounds. 

Not all are movies about Thanksgiving, either. There are plenty of films in here that simply include heartwarming lessons about gratitude and the importance of family. See: The Joy Luck Club, a moving drama about the relationships between Chinese American women and their mothers that also happens to feature some delicious-looking food.

So I think it’s time to give the best Thanksgiving movies some due. Of course, November looks different for many and not all will be gathering at the dinner table this year. Whatever your plans may be, I bet there’s room in the schedule for a movie night. 

Enjoy this list of the best Thanksgiving movies for families—and where to stream them—below. (Need more? We have a list of best Thanksgiving shows too.)

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