35 Sex Games For Couples to Break You Out of Your Date Night Rut


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If you’ve been brainstorming new and sexy ways to switch things up in the bedroom with your partner, consider any of the best sex games for couples. Intimacy has very few rules (ask for consent, don’t break any laws, be respectful, and stay safe), but it can be healthy to introduce an element of surprise and experimentation into a boring date night routine, along with some friendly competition to get your adrenaline racing.

And for that, we’re here to remind you that there are all kinds of sex games that can help you accomplish all of those things. Some involve dice, while others have playing cards (but not the Go Fish and Old Maid kind, of course) with frisky prompts on each. 

A handful are also actual board games that allow you to hop skip your way to an orgasm by introducing role-playing, racy dialogue, or a strip-tease or two to your game night. Even versions of “Truth or Dare” exist, which might transport you back to your teen sleepover days. The main goal is to keep you open, curious, and help you give you a hand venturing outside your comfort zone. Some couples may use sex games to create a less intimidating line of communication, experiment with new methods of pleasure, or just discover new ways of getting off.

Above all, adding some games to your sex life can make both of you feel more in the moment, and add a dash of spontaneity to your day. Here, some of the best sex games for couples that we recommend for your next night in. Game on.


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