35 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Feel All the Feelings

The best romantic movies are the ones you can watch over and over again. Whether it’s Rose’s goodbye to Jack in Titanic or that rain-kissing scene in The Notebook, there are some film moments that are so iconic they’ve transcended pop culture and have become part of the way we live and think about love. I mean, what millennial hasn’t compared their relationship to Allie and Noah’s?

Even if you’re not huge fan of romance movies, the best ones have a way of getting to you. That’s because they’re good movies, full stop, with rich dialogue, nuanced characters, and narratives so compelling they may even feel real. I know I had a hard time letting go of Ally and Jack in the 2018 A Star Is Born reboot—such a hard time, in fact, that I had to see the movie eight times in theaters. Don’t judge me.

And that’s not the only love story that warrants repeated viewing. These 35, below, are what the Glamour team considers to be the best romantic movies of all time. Watch, cry, and fall in love. 

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