31 LGBTQ+ Movies That Should Be Required Viewing

When I was growing up as a gay kid, LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows were a lifeline. When coming out felt insurmountable, I would turn to queer films and shows to feel less alone. Granted, the pool of gay movies I could identify with was small—this was the 2000s, after all—but entertainment has gotten better since then. Queer cinema still has a long way to go, but there are now dozens of films that tell a host of different stories. Lesbian movies, transgender movies, bisexual movies—LGBTQ+ movies now, thankfully, run the gamut. 

And the best part about these titles—the good ones, at least—is that their nuances somehow make them more universal. At the end of the day, people connect to real, human stories. These 31 LGBTQ+ movies, in no particular order, are exactly that and so much more. 

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