31 Clean Beauty Products That Are Truly Worth Your Money

It takes a lot to make our list of the best clean beauty products of the year. While the overall term “clean beauty” is still somewhat murky because there’s no industry standard for the category, our most basic criteria is based on what ingredients these formulas don’t have: like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, similar to what clean-conscious retailers such as Sephora and Credo stand by. 

What else you won’t find: language based on scare tactics and fear-mongering. We believe beauty should be, above all, fun, and that’s exactly what these clean beauty brands deliver—along with some seriously good results. Whether you’re dedicated to an entirely clean beauty routine or just want some ideas of where you can make a few swaps, scroll on to shop our list of Glamour Beauty Award–winning clean beauty products. 

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