30 Romantic Movies on Netflix You’ll Fall in Love With


Sometimes all you want to do is stay inside, bask in the comfort of your couch, and queue up the best romantic movies on Netflix. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that choice. In fact, we praise you! And here’s your reward: Right now Netflix has a plethora of movies, especially original romantic comedies, that are actually really great.

Take To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, a sweet story about a young woman who writes secret letters to her crushes. Or Set It Up, the Netflix original romantic comedy that features a legend, Lucy Liu, and your boyfriend Glen Powell. If you’re in the mood to cry, Netflix also has romantic dramas like About Time, that will stir up some emotions.

The point is, romantic movies can help you get through any season—and relationship status—with sanity and humor intact. Below, check out the best romantic movies on Netflix available for streaming right now.


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