3 Women Became Friends and Went on a Road Trip After Realizing They Were Dating the Same Guy


The BAM Bus is like John Tucker Must Die meets Crossroads, and it needs to be turned into a movie ASAP.

On July 15, The Washington Post published the tale of Abi Roberts, Bekah King, and Morgan Tabor, all college-aged young women who are currently on a cross-country camping trip. Their method of transportation? A renovated bus they’ve nicknamed the BAM Bus (after their three first initials). The reason for the trip? Strap in; it’s a wild ride. 

Roberts, King, and Tabor met last December, when Tabor started feeling like her boyfriend was maybe not as exclusive as they’d recently agreed to be. He wasn’t exactly being sneaky, leaving flirty messages on other girls’ Instagram posts, so Tabor used social media to contact the women he was talking to, and it turned out the guy was dating, like, half a dozen people, many of whom thought they were in exclusive relationships.

One of the women was Roberts. In fact, Tabor and Roberts were on FaceTime together when their mutual cheating boyfriend arrived at Tabor’s’ house. “We were talking, and I suddenly heard his car outside and he came to the door with flowers,” Tabor told the Washington Post. She told him she’d “made some new friends” and recalled, “Watching his face drop when he saw who I was talking to on FaceTime was the most cinematic moment ever.”

Tabor and Roberts then connected with King, another of this Casanova’s paramours, who was just as shocked as they’d been. All three women dumped the guy, who told WaPo, “There are two sides to everything, but I think the best thing right now is to say nothing…I really don’t want anything to do with them anymore.” Probably the smart move.

For their part, the BAM Bus ladies don’t want to shame or embarrass the guy, but celebrate the friendship that came out of their bonkers situation. They said they processed their breakups by messaging each other, forming a bond, and eventually deciding to meet in person.

“This guy had told each of us that it was his dream to pick up a VW bus and travel around the country in it,” said Roberts. “We were sitting around laughing and talking about the van life that weekend, and pretty soon we thought, ‘Hey, we can do this.’ ” A few months later, they hit the road in a bus they refurbished themselves, with help from their dads and YouTube tutorials.

“We’re living our dream life, having a blast,” Tabor said. “It’s incredible to think that it happened because of him.

Obviously, Twitter ate this story right up, and the comments on Instagram are also celebrating these young women’s ingenuity and friendship.

Living well really is the best revenge. Obsessed.


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