27 Refillable Beauty Products That’ll Upgrade Your Routine

The unfortunate truth is that the beauty industry is not easy on the environment. While the best way to lower waste is to simply shop less, the best refillable beauty products on the market are making it easier to make your routine more sustainable, no matter how many steps it is. Instead of either tossing or recycling a beauty product when you’re done with it, you’re able to give it new life by popping in a refill and saving it from landfill—and conserving energy and materials that would otherwise go into a new jar. While this was once a novelty idea reserved for indie brands, over the past few years the entire industry has embraced the concept, from prestige brands to drugstore powerhouses

Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s a little easier on your wallet as well, since refills are often value size. We rounded up the coolest products from skin care, to hair care, to makeup, that just so happen to be refillable. Scroll on for the best refillable beauty products to add to your routine.

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