23 Hand Creams That’ll Get You Through Winter


Despite being in serious demand right now, finding the best hand creams is easier said than done. The routine sanitizing and washing that the pandemic’s called for was tough enough during the summer, but now that winter is here—along with its bone-dry air—our hands are taking a real beating. And more than ever before, they’re in desperate need of some moisture. Of course, it’s not as simple as picking up any old tube at the drugstore, since so many hand creams are either too watery, too sticky, too thick, or too fragranced

Determined to find your best possible bets—and put an end to dry cuticles and scratchy skin—we polled Glamour‘s editors on the hand creams that have been getting them through this past year. Because the last thing we need to worry about is irritated, chapped hands. Keep scrolling for a list of the 23 best hand creams, lotions, butters, balms, and serums we swear by.

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